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We are members of the WA Refugee and People Seeking Asylum Network.

WARPSAN is an advocacy and research network comprising of people with lived experience of seeking asylum in Australia, academics, community organisations, individual concerned citizens and other community members.

There are currently over 20 community organisations (including those listed below) and over 70 individual members (including refugees and people seeking asylum) who are part of the network.
The network has strong input and support from health, disability and settlement agencies, and works alongside relevant government departments where necessary.
The network’s efforts at both the state and federal levels focus on bringing about the social and political change necessary for humane refugee policies.

To get find out how you can help go to our Get Involved page for some ideas, or get in touch via the contact form below.

We all need our families.

Supporters of We All Need Our Families include:

Being on a temporary visa has also affected my mental health. Not being able to see my family, or bring them here, makes me very sad. And now there is the terrible situation in Afghanistan. It is so hard to concentrate and I find it difficult to talk to people.



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