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Grant permanency to refugees on temporary visas and help boost our local economy.

Petition to the Hon Scott Morrison, Prime Minister; Hon Alex Hawke, Minister for Immigration; Hon Karen Andrews, Minister for Home Affairs:
With major disruptions to international travel, our migration intake is lower than ever – we need our local workforce to be maximised and our local economies boosted.
Now is the time for the Australian government to provide permanent visas to refugees, many of whom who have lived in our community for many years and continue to demonstrate their commitment to the Australian way of life. They are highly motivated and entrepreneurial people – they pay their taxes, some have started new businesses and many are well educated.
Refugees do not leave their homelands willingly. They are forced to leave behind their loved ones and livelihoods because it is unsafe for them to stay – like we are seeing in Afghanistan with people fleeing the Taliban. Australia is now their only home, but many only have temporary visas despite living here for up to 10 years.
Permanent visas are necessary for people to have a sense of stability and to be able to financially invest in their community. The time for permanency is now.

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